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Mayor favors not going whole hog on dog park
The northeast corner of Woodward Park where Bridewell Avenue meets Woodward Avenue has been proposed as the site for Manteca’s dog park. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Basic fencing and perhaps a pooper scooper station is all that is needed to get Manteca’s first dog park started.

Mayor Willie Weatherford believes the city should do what it can afford which means building the dog park in phases. If not, the dog park probably won’t get built for years.

The Manteca Parks and Recreation Commission has been charged with revisiting the dog park. Parks & Rec staff is expected to present various options to them at next month’s meeting. The commission will then recommend to the City Council what can be done to accelerate the project.

“They don’t necessarily need [drinking] water in the first phase,” The mayor said.

He noted many people who walk dogs will take bottled water with them when they walk for themselves and their dogs.

The recommended site for the dog park is on the northeast corner of the 52-acre Woodward Park. It is by the intersection of Bridewell and Woodward avenues where there is a large grass area with numerous sycamore trees and evergreens.

It backs up to the fenced-in storm retention basin.

Weatherford noted a linear fenced-in area is basically what is needed. If it was desired to have two fenced in areas – one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs – it could be accomplished in a future phase.

The mayor believes the need for a shade structure would be absolutely last on a list of amenities if it was needed at all.

“They could place benches under the shade trees for the dog owners,” Weatherford said.

The mayor said if all the city is able to do in the foreseeable future was put in fencing it is possible friends of the dog park group could be formed to continue the efforts to add features. The site location means fencing on one side is already provided.