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Moorhead seeking mayors post
Chamber executive wants to lead Manteca
Councilwoman Debby Moorhead made her official announcement to run for mayor in the Manteca’s Nov. 2 elections during a gathering at the Main Street Cafe. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Debby Moorhead - currently a Manteca City Council member and executive director of the Manteca Chamber of Commerce - wants to be Manteca’s mayor.

Moorhead formally announced her candidacy Thursday morning during a small gathering at the Main Street Café. She is currently in the second year of her first four-year term of mayor. Both incumbent Willie Weatherford and retired city planner Ben Cantu have formed fundraising committees and have said they will seek election to the mayor’s office on Nov. 2 as well. Samuel Anderson also has indicated he plans to run.

Moorhead, Weatherford and Cantu all happen to be members of the Manteca Noon Kiwanis.

The formal filing period for mayor as well as the two council seats now held by John Harris and Vince Hernandez - opens July 12 and closes Aug. 6. The city clerk’s office has the papers which includes the required nomination papers of at least 20 registered City of Manteca voters.

From the time Moorhead went into the first grade of a parochial school – a year too young – she has been forging ahead trying to make a difference for the better in her countless challenges in life and for those around her.

Before settling into her chamber of commerce post she served the elderly in a skilled nursing facility and in the administration of two retirement centers.

Her announcement Thursday was in the identical format that she used when she told another gathering that she would run for city council some two years ago.

A group of retired men having their coffee clatch in the corner of the café moved closer to Moorhead to hear what she had to say about her intentions.

She said that she feels very humble in her bid asking that voters would usher her in as their new city leader.  Moorhead was quick to say that she has no opposition to Mayor Weatherford nor does she quarrel with his intentions.

“I know that all who sit on the council have their hearts in the right place,” she said.  The reason I am running for mayor is because I love the city of Manteca.”

She said she feels the time has come to address critical issues, improve strategies for delivering greater service to the residents while managing the city budget and improving the accountability of the city.

Moorhead said she would fight to safeguard the vital services of fire, police, solid waste and critical infrastructure while working diligently to maintain Manteca’s commitment to senior services, and recreation areas for the children.

She stressed that “action” is the key word, rather than just promises of change and of hope.

She said none of the issues in Manteca “that we want changed” will be affected without the real commitment to make a difference.

“I will continue to listen to the residents of Manteca and to develop a clear vision to where our city is headed and make sure my actions are consistent with that vision,” she stressed.

“I will focus on identifying ways to inspire, to motivate and to empower the residents of Manteca,” she said.

Should Moorhead get elected that will create a council vacancy that the next council will have to fill either by appointment or a special election.