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Ripon makes council committee appointments
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RIPON – Mayor Elden “Red” Nutt along with his vice mayor, Garry Krebbs, came to a consensus on the various committee and task force assignments.

Most of their recommendations went accordingly at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting, with Chuck Winn continuing to serve on the executive board of the San Joaquin County Council of Governments – he’ll go from vice chair to chairman come July 1 – and Nutt, rather than Winn, being appointed to the Local Agency Formation Commission.

“In making the appointments, we tried to be fair and equal,” Nutt said.

The other Council appointments were approved as followed:

• Central Valley Division of League of California Cities /executive member – Nutt, Krebbs (alternative).

• San Joaquin Integrated Waste Management Task Force / Solid Waste Committee – Winn, Charlie Gay (alternative).

• City / County Criminal Justice Task Force – Winn, Gay (alternative).

• Air District-wide City Selection Committee – Winn.
• Advisory Water Commission (Board of Supervisors) – Krebbs.

• Ripon Council Committees – Legislative Response Committee, Nutt; Code Enforcement and Vehicle Abatement, Dean Uecker, Winn; Housing and Loan Committee, Krebbs, Uecker (alternative); Special Needs Playground Equipment Committee , Uecker, Gay (alternative); Audit Review Committee, Gay, Nutt (alternative); Fireworks Show Committee / donations only, Uecker, Nutt; Landscape Clean-up Committee / foreclosed homes, Winn, Gay.

• Ripon Council Task Force – Old Library, Winn, Gay; Farmers Market, Winn, Uecker.

• Two-by-Two Committees – Ripon Unified School District, Nutt, Gay; Ripon Christian Schools, Winn, Krebbs; Ripon Consolidated Fire District, Uecker, Gay; Chamber of Commerce, Winn, Krebbs.

• Two-by-Two-by-Two Committee (RUSD, Fire District, Council) – Gay, Uecker.

• Council Positions – Council auditor, Gay, Uecker (alternative).

In addition, the City Council was unanimous in appointing Kevin Hawes as the regular voting member on the Planning Commission – a four-year term – and Brinton McCusker as the alternate.