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Will council sign off on change?
Webers BBQ seeks exception to off-site sign ban
A human sign for Papa Joe’s BBQ stands on the city sidewalk at Main and Alameda streets. - photo by HIME ROMERO
Papa Joe’s BBQ and Steakhouse is just off Main Street.

As such the business gets less exposure. Papa Joe’s employs a “human sign” who wears cowboy garb to hawk the restaurant’s main fare of chicken and ribs to passing motorists on the corner of Alameda and Main. Some days the “cowboy” is on stilts.

The human billboard strategy is also employed elsewhere in Manteca from tax services and sandwich shops to new home subdivisions and pizza places. Basically they allow businesses either just off heavily traveled routes to get more exposure or sometimes provide additional advertising for firms that front busy thoroughfares.

Weber’s BBQ is tucked away inside the Manteca Industrial Park at the corner of Wetmore and Mellon. It is about as far off the beaten track a restaurant can get in Manteca. Restaurant owner Carissa Patton has run afoul with code enforcement with an off-site sign.

Weber’s BBQ isn’t the only place in town with “illegal” signs located off-site. The big difference is the property the sign is located was purchased by the city for the new animal shelter.

Manteca Mayor Willie Weatherford - at Patton’s request - had an item placed on Tuesday’s 7 p.m. council meeting agenda to consider possible waiver of the prohibition against off-site signs.

The mayor noted there are a number of businesses that are technically operating illegally with regards to signs being off site regardless of whether they are stationary are twirled by a human.

Weatherford noted that “when you have massive disobedience” there are two choices - enforce it fairly for everyone or change the rules.

The council meets at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.