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Grandmother from Manteca on world news, CNN, YouTube
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“Mind-boggling milestone for grandma.”

That’s the title of the AOL video featuring Manteca’s very own Helen Young, the 98-year-old grandmother whose 100th grandchild was born a few days before Christmas. To mark that milestone, her grandchildren sent her 100 multi-colored balloons.

Soon after her story appeared in the Manteca Bulletin on Dec. 16, the very amiable and vivacious nonagenarian was swamped by the news media from all over. She appeared on the three major television stations in Sacramento – even twice on one channel. The second one was a special Christmas Day feature with pictures of Young as a young woman in Illinois, and video footage showing her with daughter Carole Delmanowski with whom she is staying in Manteca, plus several pictures of some of her grandchildren who came to celebrate the special day with her.

Once her story was picked up by the Sacramento television stations, it became viral on the Internet. Simply Google-search her name using the words “Helen Young Manteca grandmother” and you get a plethora of all the news outlets nationwide and throughout the world that has her story both on video and in print including CNN.

“She’s Got 100 Grandkids and Counting” is the title of the two- to three-minute video uploaded by Sacramento’s KCRA-TV on A one-minute version was also uploaded on by TheWaechterNews.

Daughter Carole Delmanowski said the family was just overwhelmed, and her mother was simply excited but not in the least fazed by all the attention. She said her very amiable and positive-thinking mother, who has never said an unkind word about anybody, is a natural “magnet” for people, adding, in the four and a half years she has been living with them, she has seen more people visit her home than in the 40 years she and her husband, Joseph, have lived in Manteca. The Delmanowskis are natives of Illinois, where Young gave birth to all her six children. A better job for Joseph at the former Libbey-Owens-Ford glass company in Lathrop prompted the Delmanowskis to move to Manteca four decades ago. Joseph was one of the first 60 people to work at the then newly opened glass plant.

“Grandchildren” is the simplified term being used by family members when referring to the younger generations in Young’s family. Carole Delmanowski had to use a list that she has handy to remind her of the numbers in their fast-growing family: 24 grandchildren, 57 great-grandchildren, and 19 great-great-grandchildren.

“The 101st is already on the way and is due in June next year,” Delmanowski happily announced.

She added, “the great-greats are coming like every one or two months now.”

Delmanowski also corrected herself from the last interview. Family members are scattered in three states, she said at the time – Illinois, California and Colorado. But on Monday, she said other family members are also living in Texas and Arizona.

Amazingly, at a time when scattered family members are often seldom in contact with one another due to various life pressures, Young’s 100 grandchildren remember her every month by sending her a bouquet from a floral shop in Manteca. The 100 balloons were ordered through Manteca Floral which alerted the Manteca Bulletin about the story of the special grandmother.

Another amazing bit of trivia about Young’s charmed life: she was born an only child. Growing up without siblings, Young decided early on that she was going to have a big family. She got her wish: half a dozen children – four daughters and two sons.

In the interview with KCRA-TV reporter Rich Ibarra, Young was asked if she had any favorites among her 100 grandchildren. A very tactful and smiling Young answered without missing a beat that she loves all of them equally.

To view all the stories and videos of the Manteca nonagenarian who has put Manteca on the map, simply log on to using the key words, “Helen Young Manteca grandmother.”