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Grant helps Lathrop pay for service officer
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LATHROP – Almost 60 percent of a position critical to Lathrop Police Services’ mission to network with the community will be paid for by a grant.

Last week the Lathrop City Council agreed to utilize $100,000 in funding from the Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Funds to cover the annual salary of Community Service Officer Matt Lindemann. He’s the deputy tasked with many of the outreach efforts that the department undertakes each year.

Lindemann – who is set to make just over $160,000 in salary and benefits this year – is an integral part of the Lathrop Junior Police Academy, community internet safety classes, women’s awareness issues and the citywide drive smart campaign.

He also works with School Resource Officer Val Cardoza to bring programs into the city’s schools.

While grant funding for the city was initially based on population, the city received $100,000 last year and is expecting a similar check when money is distributed at the beginning of next year. Lindemann’s position was funded at the beginning of the fiscal year with the expectation that the remaining 38-percent would come from the city’s general fund.

The City of Lathrop contracts with the San Joaquin County Sherriff’s Department to provide police services to the 19,000 residents of the community. The salary of the deputies, as well as the cost of apparatus like patrol units and the building that the department is housed in on 7th Street, is  covered by Lathrop’s annual operating budget. As a result, Lathrop owns its own vehicles.

Lindemann is cross-trained as a motorcycle officer, and according to the department’s website, his division “is dedicated to developing and deploying resources unique to Law Enforcement to better serve who live, visit or work in the City of Lathrop. “