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Manteca Unified 8th grade promotion ceremonies start
McParland DSC 5390
McParland classmates gather outside a classroom prior to their promotion ceremonies Tuesday night. They are, from left, Selena Medeiros, Jamie Dutra, Rachel Ferree, Adelle Dorrett, Aliyah Torres and Nick Dutra. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Two George McParland School eighth graders shared the podium Tuesday night in the campus courtyard reviewing their school year in preparation for a new beginning in high school.
 Rachael Ferree is moving to Chicago where her father has received a promotion with Union Pacific Railroad while Adelle Dorrett is going into the freshman class at East Union High School.
The girls displayed a profound respect for a second and third grade teacher they both had in different years – a Miss Green, now retired, — who they both agreed had given them her gift of character early in their school life, stressing the need to always be kind to others.
The two girls are both 14. They described that primary teacher as always energetic, kind and who always had a smile on her face that had a way of rubbing off on her students.  Adele has played the flute in a junior high band at East Union and Rachel has already been on stage at a Tracy musical theater with the part of the Little Mermaid.
There were another 118 students who joined the girls walking into the school courtyard for the promotional ceremonies.
The coveted George McParland Award went to a student who would be seen to personify the values and views of Mr. McParland, being positive and involved in many activities, pleasant with a positive attitude in the classroom and with their teachers and their peers.  It was presented to Cheyanne Sanchez.
The Delmer Derrick Award was designed for someone who has exhibited strong, positive leadership for McParland School.  It was presented to Patricia Alvarado.
The Principal’s Academic Awards for students with straight “A” grades went to 14 students including Adelle Dorrett, Matthew Barnes, Emily Saldana, Hannah Knab, Rachel Feree, Naomi Dearborn, Patricia Alvarado, Sophia Sisana, Selena Medeiros, Tiffany Liebelt, Kelton D’Souza, Malia Allen, Amanda Perry, Ming Nguyen, Kayla Kemper, and Sean Marsh.
Teachers’ Awards to the “best all-round students” were given to Adelle Forrett, Jalen Van Wart, Matt Barnes, Rachel Ferree, Amanda Perry, Jasmine Ruiz, Melissa Scogna, Sophia Sisana, Danielle James, Kelton D’Souza, Minh Nguyen, Heighlee Mosher Malia Allen and Naomi Dearborn. 
The McParland Class of 2017 included Noe Acevedo, Malia Allen, Patricia Alvarado, Katelyn Archerda, Russell Ard, Emily Armstrong, Emma Ayers, Jacob Barajas, Matthew Barnes, Viviana Bellinger, Charles Blakeney, Dale Cannon, Zee Castilanos, Trinity Cervantes, Angelina Cisneros, Madison Clark, Adelyne Cook, Nautika Cruz, Kasey Cuevas, Kelton D’Souza, Tamaj, Davis, Naomi Dearborn, Tyler Diaz, Samuel Diaz, Tiffany Dorland, Adelle Dorret, Fernando Duran, Jamie Dutra, Nicholas Dutra, Bryan Enciso, Isabelle Esparza, Mariella Fernandez, Rachel Ferree, Avery Flores, Evan Forbes, Marco Galvan, Giselle Gamino, Japneet Gill, Izade Giron, Nevin Gonzales, Christian Guitierrez, Mariah Rose Handang, Anthony Hayes, Thomas Hernandez, Noah Holmes, Pulusi Ionatana, Denielle James
 Baldeep Kaur, Kayla Kemper, Justin Khamma, Hannah Knob, Broeden La France, Maya Lake, Tiffany Liebelt, Mitchell Lill, Anthony Loprieato, Michael Macias, Grace Mamorno, Emily Marinello, Sean Marsh, Ruben Martinez, Oscar Martinez, Kiyona Maximo, Selena Medeiros, Jose Medel, Thomas Medrano, Daniel Mendez, Justin Miller, Savino Molino, Kris Moreno, Nicole Mortenson, Heighlee Mosher, Muh Nguyen, Brianna Parra, Alfredo Perez, Amanda Perry, Jacob Petersen, Jacob Pullen, Noah Ramil, Anthony Ramos,Mistianne Ramos, Christopher Rendon, Kaleb Ritter
Frank Rodriguez, Karen Roman, Jordan Romero, Jayden Rossi, Jasmine Ruiz, Serena Rubalcaba, Olivia Saflor-Asis, Emily Saldana, Cheyanne Sanchez, Charles Sanders, Melissa Sogna, Dylan Silva, Sophia Kay Sisana, Gillian Smith, Katalina Soares, Johanna Springer, Dylan Stokes, Gabriel Stokes, Reanna Telles, Sabrina Terry, Brandon Thaxton, Sierra Toliver, Romeo Torres, Aliyah Torres, Ryan Tran, Matthew Trinidad, Sylvia Trujillo, Emma Valdez, Jalen Van Wart, Guadalupe Vasquez, Jorgeluis Vasquez, Jesus Velazquez, Jessica Williams, Madison Womack Chanmonie Yim and Ryan Zimmer.