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House struck for 3rd time
Laughing occupants flee after crashing BMW
BMW into house photo 9
A late model BMW sedan careened out of control in an intersection and into the front of a home at the corner of Nehemiah and Pestana avenues at 1:15 a.m. Saturday.

An east Manteca home on the northwest corner of a four-way stop that neighbors say motorists routinely ignore has been hit by an out-of-control vehicle for the third time.

The home of Manteca Pastor Gordon Richardson and his wife Sandie was struck by a late model BMW at about 1:15 Saturday morning. The crash knocked out a large vertical support structure and ruptured a water pipe.

Neighbors were awakened by the sounds of the crash while the Richardsons were jarred out of their slumber by the barking of their pet poodle.  Neighbors who called 9-1-1 reported hearing who they believe were the occupants of the car laughing as they ran from the scene.

Skid marks led to the home from the center of the Nehemiah and Pestana avenues intersection traveling across the sidewalk, the grass and into the home.

The crash caused the living room to be partially flooded from the broken water main. It also disabled the lawn sprinkling system along with taking out some front yard bushes and flowers.  They didn’t have water until 6 p.m. Sunday after they found a plumber to respond to their weekend calls.

Sandie Richardson said that drivers run the stop signs at the intersection constantly with many not even pausing before they drive through or turn around the corner.

She said it was the third time their home had been hit in past years by a vehicle coming through the intersection.  She also noted that few motorists actually stop for the four-way stop signs in front of their residence.

Twice a tree was uprooted while mow strips and stucco have also been damaged. 

“It’s so depressing, just walking out the door,” she said. “So much repair to be done.  Thanks to all my neighbors and people passing by and offering their concern.  This is a wonderful neighborhood.”

“I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt one day, especially with the school just three houses down.  I would love to see some speed bumps placed on Pestana.  People drive through here like they are in a race.”

Both police and fire units responded to the scene fearing someone may have been hurt in the home.  The vehicle was impounded; however police said they had no information on the whereabouts of the driver.  The BMW had not been reported stolen, police said. It has been impounded by police. The police report had not been completed as of press time Tuesday.