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Human sign regulations put on hold due to lack of planning body quorum
Little Caesars sign shaker Gunnar Mason keeps the beat to his favorite metal music on his iPod at the corner of Louise Avenue and Main Street. Proposed city rules regulating humans signs have been delayed for review until Aug. 14. - photo by HIME ROMERO

The Manteca Planning Commission was set to host a public hearing Tuesday for an amendment to the sign ordinance.

The only problem was Roberto Alaniz was the lone commissioner in attendance.

Without enough to conduct a quorum, the public hearing was rescheduled for Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. inside the Council Chambers.

Commissioners, at that time, could again look at those sections of the ordinance involving portable signs and human signs.

Included are flag banner types lined up along the city sidewalks and the A-frame variety. Such signs would have to be placed in such a manner as to allow four feet of sidewalk to remain open and be set at least a foot back from the curb.

Under the change, A-frame signs can be no more than four feet in height and three feet in width while banners must stand no higher than 15 feet and no wider than two feet.

Some of the conditions of the ordinance have safety in mind. For example, people waving signs to advertise business specials on sidewalks or intersections away from the actual business, at times, block the view of motorists or make it difficult for pedestrians to pass.

That part of the amendment would prohibit the sign holder – in this case, the hand-held sign shall not be larger than 12 square feet – from interfering with pedestrians, cyclists or vehicular traffic or impact visibility.