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Jones graduates from basic training June 11
Caitlin Jones
Caitlin Jones has joined the US Army. 

Caitlin graduated from Sierra High School in 2008, worked as a paraprofessional for Manteca Unified School District, earned her EMT certification at Abrams College in May, 2009 and joined the US Army through the Delayed Entry Program in November, 2009.  While in the DEP program, she worked hard preparing herself and was promoted to E2 as she left for Basic Training in March.

Her parents, Steve and Penny Jones, thank all her family, friends, coaches, co-workers, and fellow team mates, that have contributed to her development as an outstanding citizen.  A special thanks to the coaches in her life, Steve Jones, Ed Fang, Shannon Davis, Brian Goulart, and Nick Hobbie.  You taught her to work hard, be a team player, support her team mates, and believe in what she’s trying to accomplish.  You inspired her to be the best she could be, without expecting her to be perfect.  She, in turn, has tried to be that to her team mates, and now she takes these lessons and applies them to the real life challenges of being a part of the most important team we have, our United States Military. 

 She is a tenacious young woman, skilled at overcoming adversity and has already achieved successes while in basic training, leading all other women in her platoon, finishing second over-all in her first Physical Fitness Test.  She would love to get into the Airborne Division, be a Paratrooper, and become a Flight Medic.  She wants to experience adventure and she wants to help save people. 

 Caitlin will graduate from US Army Basic Training on June 11, and then will attend AIT in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO as a 74 Delta, CBRN specialist.  She would love to receive letters from her home town supporters.

You may send letters to her at:  
Prvt Jones, Caitlin
C Btry, 2 Pltn
5955 Rothwell Street
Fort Sill, OK  73503
** put a #2 on back of envelope with a circle around it**