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Keystone Club collects gifts for animal shelter
Members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Manteca’s Keystone club – included were officers Megan Anderson and Kayla Miller along with Rachael Gustafson and Rebecca Dycaico – played Santa Claus to the Manteca Animal Shelter. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
For the second straight year, Keystone club members were able to make a generous donation to the Manteca Animal Shelter.

Two days before Christmas, they brought in blankets, pillows, beds, food and toys.

 “We were able to collect more food and toys,” said Keystone vice president Kayla Miller. “I think we had as many blankets and pillows as last year.”

A drop-off box was made available at the Manteca K-Mart store for community members to bring in these items for the dogs and cats in need of a nice home.

Last year, Keystone, the dynamic teen leadership development program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Manteca – included are club members between the ages of 14 and 18 – collected over 60 blankets to the “Help the Animals” cause.

Sharon Miller, Kayla’s mother, came up with the idea benefitting the animal shelter. She knew of a neighbor who used to donate goods there during the holidays but had since passed on.

“We’re hoping to keep (Help the Animals) going,” said Kayla Miller, who is the Keystone vice president. “But most of us will soon graduate (from high school).”

She, along with Megan Anderson, who is the Keystone president, and fellow members Rachael Gustafson and Rebecca Dycaico delivered the donated items to the animal shelter, with the “Help the Animals” drive being held some two weeks earlier.