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Lathrop High teen having a blast at Manteca Idol
Lathrop High School student Adrianna Solis sings her heart out during the recent Manteca Idol competitions. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL/ The Bulletin
Adrianna Solis has spent her entire life around music.

For as long as the Lathrop High student can remember, she’s been singing along to some sort of music – shaping her early vocal range and her love for performing.

And for the last two weeks, Solis showcased both her vocal and performing skills and won over the audience with her dynamic stage persona and her bubbly attitude.

“I’ve always had a passion for singing, and this is a chance for me to exercise that hobby,” Solis said of why decided to sign up for Manteca Idol. “It’s a way to express yourself, and to go off on songs that you have a passion for.”

When Solis isn’t rehearsing for Manteca Idol or studying for her classes, she can normally be found participating in Choir and Music Club or writing her own songs – including music on both piano and guitar.

“I write songs based on situations that I find myself in, and God helped me out in those situations. A lot of the time, the music just comes together,” she said.

Last week, Solis sang “Only Hope” from the movie “A Walk To Remember” – one of the most complete top-to-bottom performances of the entire competition.

And on Wednesday, she turned in one of the most memorable of three takes of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Donning the ‘80s headband and ankle warmers to keep with the theme of the evening, Solis established herself as a crowd favorite – despite battling a cold.

And while she has big ambitions for the competition, she also enjoys getting to meet her fellow contestants in the lively backstage area.

“I hope to win, but I’m really having a good time with all of the other contestants,” Solis said. “It’s a lot of fun backstage, and I’ve made a lot of new friends which has been great.”