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Lathrop Jr Police Academy students build model for chief
Lathrop modelDSC 3905 copy
Lathrop Police Chief James Hood along with Ashley and her sister Shaley Nenz display a replica of the police station in the old downtown - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

The excitement of the Lathrop Junior Police Academy wasn’t enough for Ashley and Shaley Nenz — twin sisters and both students at Mossdale Elementary School — they decided to surprise Lathrop Police Chief James Hood with a replica of his headquarters building.
And they put together a replica that the chief decided to place in the lobby of the station for all to see.  He invited the girls and their parents to his office on Wednesday to have their picture taken with him.
The model shows the front of the building with its main door and front visible along with an American Flag flying on the facade. The girls were giggly when they found themselves in the center of so much attention for what they had done.
It was a week of excitement for them going through the academy being recognized as young police cadets when the completed the scenarios with other students.  They said they had learned so much about police work including how to make a traffic stop under the mentorship of Lathrop deputies.
The model will be on display in the lobby of the front office for all to see and the girls will have quite a story to tell their new fifth grade teacher when the school year begins.  Yes, they have already given some thought to going into law enforcement when they are older and possibly even the Explorer Program when they turn 14.
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