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Lathrop officials say Harlan Road repairs could start as early as April
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LATHROP – Repairs on a section of Harlan Road between Louise Avenue and Lathrop Road could start in early April.

That is, “if all goes as planned,” according to information e-mailed Tuesday to Ruben Sandoval and concerned residents at Camino Real Mobile Home Estates by Public Works Director Steve Salvatore.

The e-mailed letter was in response to a copy of a mass e-mail sent by Sandoval, on behalf of several Camino Real residents, about a meeting being planned to discuss mobile homeowners’ problems which, they say, are being caused by the combination of heavy truck traffic and poor road conditions at this part of Harlan Road.

Salvatore explained to Sandoval that this Harlan Road repair project has been awarded to Granite Construction but the contract has been put on hold until April.

“We decided to hold off on the construction to minimize the cost working in the rainy season and minimize construction duration and traffic impacts,” Salvatore explained.

The repairs will be done in two phases, with the first one to involve the “full-depth road reconstruction” of the road from J Street to Thomsen Road along with the reconfiguration of the old and new Harlan Road intersection by The Hampton Inn from a three-way stop to a “traffic circle.” The second phase will involve a similar reconstruction of Harlan from Thomsen Road down to the newly reconstructed traffic circle.

There is funding already set aside for this repair project.

The bad news for Camino Real residents: this project will “not widen Harlan Road to the ultimate configuration” which means there will be no sidewalk built along the mobile home park. But the good news for them is that the repairs could significantly reduce the traffic noise and shaking generated by the heavy trucks and trailers which are causing problems to mobile home residents especially those whose homes back up against the fence along Harlan Road. Some of these affected home owners have complained about their homes “sinking,” loosening light bulbs that need to be fixed every month, and windows’ weather sealants breaking off.

The contract for the first phase of the project has been awarded to Granite Construction. Should Granite get the contract for the second phase as well, all the work involved in both phases could take place concurrently and speed up the completion of the project. If not, completion date will be pushed to August of this year.

The privately owned Camino Real, which long predates the city’s incorporation in 1989, consists of 165 units.