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Legal truck route in place, modifications next
Signs marking a legal truck route through Manteca via Yosemite Avenue, Spreckels Avenue, Industrial Park Drive, and South Main Street are now in place. - photo by HIME ROMERO
It is now legal for larger tractor-trailer truck combinations that almost exclusively serve major distribution centers such as Millard Refrigeration, Ford Motor Co. and ADPS Packaging to access Spreckels Park.

The city wasted no time in putting the signs in place once the Manteca City Council gave the final OK after all Caltrans requirements were met. The first part of the signs – directional arrows – went up prior to the council decision. Just over 12 hours after the council vote crews returned to the poles where the arrows had been posted to add the truck route logo sign.

The city isn’t done. They are preparing specifications to alter intersections on Commerce Drive and DuPont Circle to make sure the longer trucks can turn without impeding traffic.

The truck route was fast tracked after the CHP started pulling over the maximum length trucks allowed under federal law – 73 feet – for using Manteca surface streets. They were advising truckers that they were in violation and to lobby the distribution centers and the city to make changes to avoid tickets. The truckers though were cited for other violations if the CHP found them.

The law allowing the longer trucks on designated routes has been in effect since 1982. The first distribution center opened in Spreckels Park 10 years ago. The CHP didn’t start questioning the need for a designated route until this fall.

Lane markings and signs were the only changes needed to make the route that goes off Highway 99 down Yosemite Avenue to Spreckels Avenue to Industrial Park Drive to South Main Street to the Highway 120 Bypass legal.

Now that it is a legal route, Caltrans will include it as such on their maps.