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5% of MUSD students fine with online
virtual classroom
A screen shot of a virtual classroom similar to what Manteca Unified students will be using when they return to school Aug. 6 to eliminate distractions and potentially inappropriate items in the background.

There are 1,200 students that aren’t looking forward to the day they can return to school for traditional on-campus learning.

They are part of the inaugural Manteca Unified Online Academy for kindergarten through 12th grade that started Aug. 6.

MUSD Community Outreach Coordinator Victoria Brunn noted the next opportunity for students to switch to the online academy will be the next semester that starts in January.

The district has a waiting list that students can be placed on.

However, in order to add another teacher there must be enough students at a specific grade level for an instructor. Once interest reaches 30 plus students at a grade level the district will start looking at the possibility of shifting or adding a teacher as the target is 40 students per instructor.

The academy is being taught by Manteca Unified certificated educators with a robust, standards-based curriculum at every grade level. Students take core classes in math, science, English language arts, and social studies. Additionally, electives meeting A-G requirements are offered to high school students. 

The Online Academy has a unique modular student learning platform designed for an online (at home) learning environment designed for students who feel online learning meets their needs.

Personalized learning is based on engaging and interactive curriculum using 21st century tools and techniques.

The virtual classroom gives families the flexibility to schedule school wherever they are, at times that work best for their schedule, and at a pace that works best for their child. Some coursework and live sessions do need to take place at fixed times.    

Students have a variety of options for socialization and developing friendships. Even in a virtual classroom, students meet regularly in online live sessions, where they can share ideas, compare experiences, and learn together.

The flexibility of the program allows for students with full schedules that pursue other personal interests such as performing arts, athletics, or an early career.

The Manteca Unified Online Academy — completely independent of the three phased school year that is now underway with distance learning — is based at the former Manteca Community Day School campus that was previously the Sequoia Annex.  

Unlike most other online school offerings, Manteca Unified Online Academy students are free to join school clubs, athletic teams, and other extracurricular activities belonging to the traditional high school within the student’s home address boundaries. Online Academy seniors also have the choice of walking with the graduating class of the traditional high school within the student’s home address boundaries.

The district started work on launching an online months before the pandemic hit.


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