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Airport Way traffic north of Daisywood expected to increase 165%

There were 7,200 average daily vehicle trips — autos and trucks — in October 2017 along Airport Way north of Daisywood Avenue that provides the western access to Del Webb at Woodbridge.

A third distribution center moving forward at Center Point Business Park when it is fully utilized will add 5,192 average daily trips (ADT) to that total. When combined with the ultimate traffic impact of the 5.11 Tactical distribution center (2,817 ADT) to the south and Penske/Lowe’s distribution center (3,838 ADT) to the north, traffic on Airport Way north of Daisywood will increase 11,847 ADT or 165 percent to 19,047 ADT based on a traffic consultant’s analysis.

A tenant for the proposed 746,790-square-foot distribution center hasn’t been announced  but it is clear from the analysis that the user Center Point is courting will generate almost as much truck traffic that 5.11 Tactical and Lowe’s will create when the respective distribution centers are operating at 100 percent capacity.

The project is before the Manteca Planning Commission when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Manteca Civic Center council chambers, 1001 W. Center St. Given the overall plan for development of the business park on the southwest corner of Roth Road and Airport Way has already been approved including the environmental impact report documents it is highly unlikely the project before the commission won’t be approved.

The 746,790-square-foot building will face the Lovelace Road intersection at Airport Way.

The generation of 11,897 ADT from the three buildings represents complete buildout of just those three building at 100 percent utilization. That means 5.11 Tactical that is now 404,657 square feet would be expanded to 539,057 square feet and the Penske/Lowe’s building from 551,475 square feet to 1,199,997 square feet. Altogether the three buildings would represent 2.34 million square feet.

Under the approved business park plans at least an additional 760,000 square feet of distribution center space can be built. The traffic count for that  additional space is unknown as a tenant has yet to be secured to justify construction.

Center Point is also developing a 6.8 acre short-term storage lot for containers and trailers that are transferred to and from Union Pacific Railroad flat cars. It will accommodate 153 trailers and containers and will have a private railroad crossing to the UP facility.

Several years ago Center Point projected they will ultimately invest $175 million in the business park to generate 600 permanent jobs.

Airport Way along Center Point’s property has been widened to three lanes — two southbound lanes, a median and one northbound lane. The second northbound lane under city policy will be added when property bordering the east side of Airport Way is developed.


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