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Manteca’s next homeless summit on June 6
homeless summit
This is one of two tents pitched illegally in Wilson Park behind the Post Office Monday afternoon in downtown Manteca.

Manteca Police are conducting a homeless summit on Thursday, June 6, to educate residents on what is being done on a day-to-day basis on city streets as well as to hear concerns.

Two sessions are being planned so that more people can attend. Both of the sessions will cover the same information. The summit takes place at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at the Manteca Transit Center, 220 Moffat Blvd.

Anyone interested in helping as a volunteer on one of the homeless outreach teams are encouraged to attend one of the summit meetings.

Besides the city’s efforts to work with the homeless to get them off the streets, the two Manteca Police officers assigned to homeless issues also address issues involving the homeless including enforcement of quality of life laws that apply to everyone regardless of their housing status. That includes occasional evening patrols to address problem areas.

The latest effort was on the evening of May 21 to take enforcement action in several areas where illegal camping had been reported including along the Tidewater Bikeway. Eleven individuals were contacted and cited for illegal camping. Three others were arrested for outstanding warrants.

A 15th individual was arrested after he provided false identifying information to the officers. This subject later advised he had lied about his name as he believed he had a warrant for his arrest. It was later discovered the subject was mistaken and he had no warrants for his arrest and he would not have been arrested at all had he not committed the new crime of providing false information to a peace officer.

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