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$1.5M price tag for Lathrop Road segment
lathrop road

The worst 2,500 feet of roadway in Manteca — Lathrop Road between Airport Way and a point just east of London Avenue — will cost $1.5 million to reconstruct.

It’s not on the city’s radar of identified projects to be funded until 2022.

The City Council has asked that the work be done sooner.

On Tuesday, staff will present the council with four options on how they can make the upgrading of the segment of Lathrop Road happen sooner during the 7 p.m. meeting at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

The four options are:

*using $1 million in federal Regional Surface Transportation Program Funding that is available.

*reallocating funding from other projects.

*postponing the Mayor’s Park neighborhood street project encompassing all the streets in the triangle formed by the railroad tracks, Louise Avenue, and Union Road.

*dipping into the city’s general fund reserve.

Staff is recommending against dipping into the general fund reserve.

The federal funds option would trigger a procurement process that could add a year or two to the planning process. That is similar to what happened with the Main Street and Yosemite Avenue projects that involved federal funds.

The other two options would allow the work to take place in late 2020.

Lathrop Road — along with Airport Way, Woodward Avenue, and Austin Road — were all built originally as county roads and were not built for heavy traffic or extensive use by trucks. As a result the roads that are now city arterials are in the worst shape of all streets in Manteca.

The 2,500-foot section of Lathrop Road is in such bad shape that it has to be reconstructed.

Altogether 10 street sections have been identified as being to the point in their deterioration that they need to be reconstructed. The others are in order of the worst first that comes after Lathrop Road:

*Main Street from south of Atherton Drive to north of Woodward Avenue

*Yosemite Avenue from the city limits at the railroad tracks to east of Airport Way.

*Woodward Avenue from Atherton Drive to the railroads tracks.

*Airport Way from Lathrop Road to the railroad tracks

*Airport Way from Louise Avenue to Yosemite Avenue

*Austin Road from Yosemite Avenue to north of Highway 99

*Woodward Avenue from South Main Street to Van Ryn Avenue

*Austin Road from north of Sandra Street to south of Jeane Road

*Airport Way from Atherton Drive to south of the 120 Bypass


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