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Ripon photographer offers social media tips to businesses with Zoom seminar
Ripon chamber
Ripon Chamber of Commerce board member Rachael Venema, who is a local photographer, provided information on Facebook on “Social Media Tips for Your Business.” - photo by Contributed

Rachael Venema made a significant contribution for the Ripon Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber board member and owner and operator of Rachael Venema Photography provided a live-stream demonstration on “Social Media Tips for Your Business.”
“We’re amazed at the (large) number of viewers,” said Chamber Marketing & Events Director Cassandra Padafox on the recent Facebook post.
Venema went on Zoom, sharing her screen for the how-to webinar from about two months ago on promoting local businesses.
“The biggest thing — what people struggle with — is coming up with content (on what to post),” she said, suggesting that users change things up occasionally on Facebook and Instagram.
Venema added: “Know your audience.”
The example of this would be restaurants, including weekly menu items, specials, and main menu items.
“You’re also the owner of the business,” she said. “Definitely show (photos) yourself as the business owner – You are the face of your business.
“Show who work for you – or your chef – and talk about your staff and how long they’ve worked for you.”
Share behind the scenes.
“How early do you get to the restaurant to start creating all of the food behind the scenes,” Venema said.
Those were some of the examples.
She also provided the various post apps for scheduling the online contents in getting the best response.
In creating content, she recommended using stories, as influenced by marketing guru Donald Miller.
“Tell a short information story on your business and of yourself,” Venema said.
Be social.
“Speak as if you’re talking to another person — remember to smile and show energy — and engage (by replying to your messages). That’s the point of social media,” she said.
As a photographer — she has nine years of experience in professional portraits — Venema provided tips on photo taking, from use of light, both natural and incandescent.
She recommended the use of low-lying sunlight or window lighting while avoiding florescent.
Her video can be viewed in its entirety at: