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Ripon spending $3.6 million on city projects

The Capital Improvement Program is designed to provide a five-year outlook at the Capital Improvement Projects.

City of Ripon Engineering Supervisor James Pease said just that with the focus on the upcoming fiscal year. 

"(The CIP) allows staff to plan for land acquisition, design, environmental and construction requirements on upcoming projects," he said at the April 9 Ripon City Council meeting.

Pease also referred to it as a planning tool in the budgeting process, viewing the CIP as a "living document" or "fluid document," which can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the community.

"Projects are selected based on the list consisting of vital services to the community such as water and wastewater, implementing the City's General and Master Plans, (and addressing) the existing traffic patterns and the improvements needed," he said.

The City currently has five projects totaling $3.6 million of capital projects — $2 million are being paid from grant funds while $1.6 million are coming for Local Funds — on the 2018-19 CIP, including:

*Doak Boulevard Shared-Use Path Project – This is a 12-foot wide shared-use concrete path along the south side of Doaks Boulevard between Vera Avenue and Stockton Avenue with handicap ramps and landscaping also included. Construction cost is $430,000.

*Parkview Safe Route to School Project – The ongoing installation of safety crossing measures along the route to Park View Elementary School (striping, speed radar signs, flashing beacons). Cost is $495,000.

*River Road Phase I (widening) Project – Widening of the north side of River Road will ultimately consist of three lanes in each direction has a construction price tag at $1.3 million.

*Well 19 – This is the installation of a new municipal well at the Mistlin Sports Complex. Cost is $660,000.

*Mulholand / California Resurface Project – The resurfacing of Mulholand Drive, California Street and various streets in the surrounding area comes at a cost of $750,000.

Along with the completion of these capital projects, the Engineering Department completed various studies and reports such as preparing the quarterly and annual wastewater discharge report; the Lighting and Landscape District annual engineering report; the annual storm water report for the City; the San Joaquin Council of Governments' One Voice Trip project application; and review and update Utility Rates.

Some of the funding for the CIP projects will come from the Street & Road account – the current fiscal year revenues and expenses are review and then projected out over the next five years – and the Local Transportation Funds, ¼ cent of the general sales tax in California.

Over the next five year, the City’s CIP will include 16 projects with an estimated construction cost of $24.5 million.

Mentioned along those lines was the multi-modal station listed at $11 million.

"Staff at some point will have to sit down with ACE," said Pease, adding the need for improvements in the area of the proposed project -- notably, Industrial Avenue, Stockton Avenue and Fourth Street.

In addition, City Administrator Kevin Werner spoke with the architect of the Manteca Transit Station (LDA Partners) to obtain an estimate.

"The City won't know the actual number until we start the design process," he said. "We will need to coordinate with ACE and work with RTD."