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Man dressed as woman robs BBVA Bank
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It was not the first time an armed robber demanded cash and ran out the back door of the BBVA Bank at 200 North Main Street and disappeared up the alley toward North Street.
The bank was robbed again Friday morning by an African American man described between 25 and 35 years old with a stocky build who demanded cash from a customer service representative as he displayed a hand gun tucked into his waistband.
Officers said she feared for her safety and responded with the cash apparently hoping he would leave and not hurt anyone in the facility.
Four Manteca police cars quickly converged on the bank but the robber had left the scene before they arrived, police said.  Witnesses said he appeared to be a man trying to make himself look like a woman.
Witnesses said he wore a black wig and sun glasses and was dressed in  blue medical scrub clothing worn over a white t-shirt.  As those who came before him he ran out the west doors into the parking lot and up the alleyway with an undisclosed amount of cash.   
He carried a black handbag with straps that went over his shoulder.