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Manteca adds 1,258 residents during 2009
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Manteca had 68,847 residents on Jan. 1, 2010 based on State Department of Finance estimates.

It is the 119th largest city out of 480 in California. It was ranked 51st in numeric growth and 44th in percentage growth last year.

Manteca gained 1,258 residents in 2009. At the current pace the city should reach the 70,000 mark in 2011. That means it will have taken Manteca 11 years to gain 20,000 residents. The city’s population on April 1, 2000 was 49,255. Manteca’s population was 41,632 in 1990, 23,150 in 1980, and 13,824 in 1970.

The city has essentially doubled in population size in 25 years going from 32,545 at the start of 1985 when a 9.2 percent growth rate that year put the city at 34,000 residents sometime during the summer of that year.

Other population estimates for San Joaquin County jurisdictions are as follows:

• Lathrop, 17,969 residents up from 10,455 in 2000.

• Ripon, 15,468 residents up from 10,158 in 2000.

• Tracy, 82,107 residents, up from 56,929 in 2000.

• Lodi, 63,549 residents up from 57,011 in 2000.

• Stockton, 292,133 residents, up from 243,771 in 2000.

• Non-city areas of San Joaquin County, 147,035 residents, up from 130,066 in 2000.

• San Joaquin County overall, 694,293 residents, up from 563,598 in 2000.

The United States Census Bureau today is launching its door-to-door canvas to knock on the doors of households that didn’t mail back their 2010 forms.

Workers will identify themselves with a census ID badge that contains a Department of Commerce watermark. The census taker may also be carrying a bag with a Census Bureau logo.   Census workers will not ask for citizenship status, Social Security numbers, credit card or banking information.

If asked, he or she will provide supervisor contact information and/or the local census office phone number for verification. If census workers are unable to reach a household member in-person, they will also attempt contact by phone to conduct the interview with the household member.