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Manteca OKs on-street handicap space on Poplar
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Manteca’s elected leaders have created an on-street handicapped parking space in front of 221 N. Poplar Ave. to accommodate a resident who does not have a driveway.

The resident – who is disabled – often can’t park near their home when there are events in downtown such as the farmer’s market, street fair, twilight Christmas parade, and Pumpkin Fair.

Public Works Director Mark Houghton noted that anyone who has a legal disabled license plate or a disabled person parking placard can legally park in the space as well. It will cost the city $100 to install the proper sign and pavement markings.

Mayor Willie Weatherford, who is a former Manteca police chief, noted that the handicap space was a much better solution than one the city tried a few years back for a resident near St. Anthony’s Church who successfully lobbied the city to create a space in front of his home that allowed parking by permit. He had approached the council due to not being able to park in front of his house during church services, weddings, and other events

In that case Weatherford said the police fielded non-stop complaints from people who had parked there and got ticketed or had their vehicles towed. Most said they did not realize that a permit was required

The mayor said the handicap space is much clearer to motorists as the signage and pavement markings are universally understood.