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Mantecans appearing on Family Feud
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The Teicheira family grew up watching the television game show, Family Feud.

Now, they’re part of it.

Gone are the days of Richard Dawson. John O’Hurley, an award-winning actor best known as the character J. Peterman on Seinfeld, is the host of Family Feud, now celebrating its 30th anniversary.

At 10 a.m.  Friday, Feb. 19, on KTXL Fox 40, the Teicheira family – Steven Teicheira and his wife, Kelly; Ryan Teicheira and his wife, Jennifer; and Kelly’s brother, Joel Valenzuela – will appear on the Family Feud.

They’ve already plans of having a viewing bash for friends and family Saturday at the home of Ryan and Jennifer Teicheira.

“I’ve been watching the show forever,” said Kelly Teicheira.

She said Tuesday that it was one thing to see the show from the comforts of home but another to be on the actual set.

The Teicheiras took on a family from Phoenix.

According to Kelly Teicheira, they auditioned for Family Feud back in July, with the actual taping taking place about a month later.

“It was such a thrill when we were on stage,” she said. “We were nervous.

“The entire experience went by so fast.”