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New homes paying fees to cover growth
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The North Pointe Specific Plan was adopted by the Ripon City Council last summer.
Elected leaders moved forward at their March 8 meeting by approving the sub-regional fee program otherwise known as the North Pointe Sub-Regional Impact Fee / Specific Plan Fee.
“These plans will help prepare for the development and fees for roads, sewer, and other infrastructures that will need to be considered as the city begins new development and growth – this will allow for controlled growth,” said Councilman Leo Zuber.
The NPSP Sub-Regional Impact Fee is necessary for the purpose of funding the list of the identified infrastructure and amenities of the 310-acre plan located east of Highway 99 adjacent to the Mistlin Sports Park, according to Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart.
“Of those 49 improvements identified, 22 will make up the NPSP Sub-Regional Fee,” he said.
The Goodwin Consulting Group was brought on to compose the financing plan of the project consisting of neighborhoods of mixed use, ranging from commercial, technology, office recreation, entertainment and residential.
North Pointe, based on the sketches at the workshops, would be a place with plazas, Paseo and trails, boulevards, pedestrian parks and wider streets and roundabouts similar of the nearby development.
Zuidervaart noted that park fee was established from the City of Ripon Public Facilities Financing Plan to help reduce the cost associated with NPSP.
He added the consultant cost for creating the NPSP was about $334,000 taken from the general fund, with another $159,000 being allocated to the project via staff time and services.
Zuidervaart said that the NPSP Sub-Regional fee – about $331,000 – for the Specific Plan preparation costs would cover the cost for the consultants.
“Properties in the plan can benefit (in the long run) in the form of environmental cost over the span of the development,” he said.
The time table for the build out is about 25 years.
 North Pointe is bounded by the sports complex to the north, Fulton Avenue to the east, the freeway and Frontage road to the south and Jack Tone Road to the west.