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NorCal Tea Party bus plans Manteca stop
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The Manteca Patriots are hosting a two-hour stop of the NorCal Tea Party sponsored “California Revolution - Rise Up” bus tour on Thursday, April 26.

It takes place in the Manteca Bowl parking lot (Yosemite at Cottage) from noon to 2 p.m.

It features some of the state’s most articulate and entertaining Tea Party leaders sharing their insights. They have a decked out bus as the backdrop for their messages that are designed to encourage conservatives to turn out to vote.

Those attending are encouraged to bring their own chair.

Among the speakers appearing Thursday are:

•Eric Golub of Los Angeles is a politically conservative Jewish blogger, author, public speaker, and comedian.

•Rex Ruth, a California Constitutional expert from Auburn, has written a study guide used by homeschoolers and Sunday schools alike that traces the development of constitutional law and the U.S. Constitution.

•Brad Dacus of Irvine founded the Pacific Justice Institute, where he serves as president and continues to defend religious liberties and parental rights. The Pacific Justice Institute has a network of approximately a thousand volunteer affiliate attorneys and handles more cases on the West Coast than any other organization of its kind.

•Sam Paredes of Sacramento is a member of the Board of Directors of Gun Owners of America and Treasurer of Gun Owner Foundation, as well as working with Gun Owners of California (GOC) for over 30 years. He currently serves as GOC’s Executive Director, a position he has held for the past 10 years.