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Mike Restuccia and his wife Mona are sharing their good fortune with Ripon’s police officers in covering half the costs of high impact bullet proof vests and helmets for the city’s officers.
Restuccia is a former Ripon mayor and currently serves on the city council.
Police Lt. Steve Merchant said that due to the increasing number of attacks upon officers across the U.S. involving suspects armed with high-powered assault rifles, a group of Ripon officers looked into the possibility of purchasing modern upgraded helmets and protective armored plates with their own money.
He further noted that the city does provide basic equipment to the officers but the need for advanced equipment has become increasingly important especially with Highway 99 corridor going right through the Ripon community.  It has long been known that Mexican drug cartels travel up and down the freeway heavily armed with automatic weapons.
Restuccia recently became aware of the officers’ attempts to purchase the advanced protective equipment and — along with his wife — pledged funds to assist the officers by matching dollar-for-dollar the cost of the equipment.
Eight modern protective helmets and five plate carriers were purchased by the Ripon patrolmen.

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