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Calvo serving as Colony Oak interim principal
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Jessie Calvo is Colony Oak Elementary School’s new principal, having served in the district office as the English Learning coordinator and before that as a sixth grade teacher at Weston Elementary School.

Calvo and his wife Leah live in Ripon with their three sons. He’s worked for the district for some four years. Chuy, 17, is a senior at Ripon High School and 16-year-old Gabe is a sophomore. Isaac, 12, is a seventh grader at Weston Elementary School. 

Leah is now staying at home as a mom and homemaker. She had previously worked at Bethany Home for 16 years.

Calvo said he established his teaching philosophy in his first year in the classroom that “all students can learn given the right environment.” 

In moving to the Colony Oak campus he said, “It’s been great – I love it. The teachers have been great and the students have been great.” 

On the weekends Calvo fishes with his three sons. On the Stanislaus River it’s all about catch and release, but going up to Lake McSwain that is fed by Lake McClure it is a different story. The boys attempt to stay ahead of their dad with the trout. Calvo added that they have learned to clean their own fish – it’s all part of the hobby, he said.

“We wrap the trout in foil with a little bit of salt and pepper to cook it – the boys just love it,” he said. 

His youngest son Isaac was part of the opening day for the Babe Ruth League on Saturday. He is the last of the three boys to play in the Ripon league along with his dad’s involvement.

On Friday, April 25, the school is planning a fundraising jog-a-thon at the school with the primary grades separated from the older students in the scheduling. The monies will go toward Science Camp and future eighth grade trips.

In those eighth grade trips over the years the graduating class has gone to San Francisco where they dress accordingly and learn to present themselves to the public and to the businesses as well-mannered Colony Oak students. 

Colony Oak presently has some 430 students.