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New group aims to improve downtown
RIPON ARCHES1 2-3-10 copy
The Main Street entrance arch to downtown Ripon. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

The newly formed Ripon Downtown Committee has set its focus on improving the historic area of stores and shops to bring in added business to the small community that bustled back in the 1940s and 1950s.
A “Welcome to Ripon” sign has been erected at the Highway 99 northbound off ramp under the direction of Harrison Gibbs for the town of 17,000 people.
The Downtown Committee is under the direction of veteran insurance broker Darryl Bartels.
They group is hoping to restring the light in the trees and on the light poles as they were seen several years ago.  The bulbs yellowed with age and could not be replaced one bulb at a time.  The entire string had to be replaced if a bulb burned out.
The committee is continuing its work on the alcohol ordinance now before the Ripon City Council with hopes it will allow Ripon restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages on the sidewalks outside their businesses. They are also in the planning stages to offer more downtown events in an effort to draw more business to the heart of the city. 
The group is also working toward placing a kiosk at Mistlin Sports Park to advertise the attractions of the downtown hoping it will entice people visiting Ripon at the park to watch the games to take a look at the city’s central area.  Mistlin Sport Park has a restaurant under construction under the direction of community benefactor Tony Mistlin.  An elevator has also been installed to take sports fans up to the third floor where they are able to watch the games from the second level and see their choice of games on a closed circuit television at their tables.  
Members of the committee include John Mangelos, Kelly Kaiser, Jennifer Brennan, Jennifer Komatsu, Jeniffer, Pulido and Daniel Swier.
The mission of the committee is to make Ripon the best downtown possible and a destination point for a fun and safe shopping environment where there are currently no empty store fronts.

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