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Ripona 5th grader wins essay contest
AAA awards school $1,500, student $50
AAA safety DSC 7285
Ripona Elementary School fifth grader James Page is seen with Principal Dante Alvarez and Robbie Sesser of AAA. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Ripona School fifth grader James Page entered a AAA Insurance essay contest and brought home the bacon for his school with $1,500 for the school and $50 for himself.

A member of Ripona’s Safety Patrol, he has influenced other students to join him in its ranks to help keep other students safe as they are going to and from the Ripon campus on Oregon Street.

His essay presented at the final school assembly follows:

“Safety Patrol is when you help people stay safe.  Our duty is to keep the students safe.  My favorite job as a safety patroller is when a new recruit becomes a part of our team.  I take great pride in being a leader.

“I can be a better leader by promoting a Safety Patrol fundraiser.  The fundraiser would raise money for new equipment and new vests.  Also, the money could buy new snacks, for example: fruit snacks, bottled water and granola bars.  I can be a good leader by going to classrooms and telling people how to join Safety Patrol.  I feel happy when I am helping.  I feel good to know my job well.  I can help new recruits when the join.

“In conclusion, it also makes me happy to help others.  I think Safety Patrol is awesome and I enjoy doing my job.  So, if you like helping others come and Join the Safety Patrol because it’s fun!”

In support of his application to the AAA Essay Contest his teachers lauded his qualifications. 

“James is always 100 percent punctual when he is on duty and has perfect attendance.  James also shows up for duty on days when he is not on the schedule to help out the rest of the squad,” it was noted.  “James is consistently offering words of encouragement and giving pats on the back to the rest of his squad.  The other children in Safety Patrol look up to James as a leader.  They often ask him for help when needed or ask him questions when they are unsure of something.  School safety is important to him and can always be counted on for standing in for an absent squad member so his group will not be short-handed.”