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Faith helped author keep her sanity
Manteca author Monica Cane talks about her book dealing with her daughters when they along with herself were going through hormone changes as part of life. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

Monica Cane recalled raising teenage daughters.

In her new book “Scrambled Hormones: 60 days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters,” she shares those personal experiences.

 “I’m in no way bashing on kids or teenagers, but I don’t know anyone who has gone through this (experience) smoothly,” said Cane, who just released the book published by WordCrafts Press in both paperback and all major eBook formats.

Ingram Content Group is handling the distribution.

Cane can attest to those times that first began with her oldest, Krystal, now 27 and a recent mother, followed by Kayala – she’s 22 and got married not too long ago.

This is her first book since 2008.

Cane, who wrote four books – “The Lost Coin,” “CJ’s Peace: The Prodigals Progress,” “A Journey to Healing: Life After SIDS,” and “A Breath of Inspiration” – was conducted during a seven-year span. However, she mentioned that her first book took six years to put together.

That wasn’t case with “Scrambled Hormones.”

Cane first sent feelers on the book proposal before sitting down and writing it. “WordCrafts called me to say ‘we want to pick you up,’” she recalled.

As it turned out, the publisher there had five daughters.

She had a two-month deadline to put the book together. All told, she completed the job on time.

Cane had taken a hiatus from writing. She actually opened Café Aroma but was soon met with difficult financial times due to the Recession.

She bounced back to produce her fifth book.

“When my teenager daughter’s hormones kicked into full gear, her behavior became erratic, confusing, scary and even dangerous at times,” confessed Cane, who didn’t specify which of the two in her book-promotion press release. “Her behavioral shift came at the same time I was entering premenopause and having hormone shifts of my own.

“Between the two of us, it didn’t long before we found ourselves in explosive battles fueled by our scrambled hormones.”

She added that those hormonally-challenged years could’ve driven her crazy if not for her religious faith.

“During our nearly four-year hormone crises, I spent a great deal of time hiding in my closet and crying to God for help. The raging hormones between mother and daughter were pretty severe even on a good day, but with God’s continual guidance, comfort and help, I grew stronger as a woman, as a believer and as a mom,” Cane said.

She wrote “Scrambled Hormones” to encourage mothers of teenage daughters who may feel as if they’re the only ones dealing with the strained relationships along with the constant shifting mood swings that are often common during this time in a girl’s life.

“I love to write,” said Cane, who is a freelance writer not to mention a long-time contributing columnist for the Bulletin.

She’s also scheduled to appear on The Barb Marshall Show on CMAC in May to promote her new book.

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