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Son of ex-Lt. Gov. seeks 11th District seat
David Harmer - photo by Photo Contributed
SAN RAMON — East Bay Republican David Harmer is hoping to convince voters of California’s 11th congressional district that he’s the best candidate to represent their interests.

Harmer was the sixth addition to the Congressional Forum hosted last week by the South San Joaquin Republicans. He took the place of fellow East Bay resident Larry Peagram who elected not to run.

As a lifelong Republican with strong ties to the party’s golden era, Harmer believes that he’s the one that can help lead the charge to restore integrity in Washington, D.C.

As the son of former California State Senator and Lt. Governor John Harmer who served under then-Governor Ronald Reagan, David began to learn the ropes of fiscal responsibility and limited government at a young age.

“Elayne and I have taught the kids, as you can tell, to work before you play, and save before you spend,” Harmer said. “But regardless of those lessons, Congress is doing something dramatically different – in fact they’ve inverted the American Dream.”

Early in his career, David was recruited by esteemed Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah as counsel to a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His dedication to law would eventually land him several private sector jobs, and he would eventually become a resident fellow of The Heritage Foundation – one of the Nation’s leading conservative think tanks.

He also penned a book on education reform that was published by the Cato Institute.

When he isn’t working on his campaign, Harmer spends time with his wife Elayne and their four young children. In his spare time David has served as a coach for the San Ramon Soccer Club, a merit badge counselor for six Boy Scout troops, and president and treasurer of a local education fund.

Additional information about Harmer’s campaign and where he stands on the issues can be found at his web-site, Links to learn more about volunteering and donating to the campaign are available on the site.