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Bay Area briefs
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SURF'S UP: MAVERICKS BIG WAVE CONTEST A GO: HALF MOON BAY . (AP) — Two dozen of the world's best surfers including 11-time world champion Kelly Slater will travel to a big wave break called Mavericks off the Northern California coast to compete.

Mavericks Invitational organizers said the contest will take place Sunday at the perilous, rocky break located a half-mile off the coast near Half Moon Bay. Two surfers have died at the infamous spot.

Each winter when large swells travel toward the Northern California coast, the surfers are put on notice.

Contest organizers wait for a perfect mixture of meteorological events, and give the watermen at least 24-hour notice.

This year, a storm off Japan has sent large swells toward California, with stories-high waves, light winds and sunny skies predicted for Sunday.

This would be the first Mavericks contest since 2010.

OCCUPY OAKLAND PROTESTERS SUE CITY AND COUNTY: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Occupy Oakland protesters are suing the city and Alameda County, saying arrests last year violated their civil rights.

The federal lawsuit filed Monday in San Francisco says 409 people were unlawfully arrested them outside the YMCA.

The suit, seeking class-action status, claims civil rights were violated when they were held in jail for hours but were never charged with a crime.

The suit says protesters weren't given a dispersal order by law enforcement.

The mass arrest occurred hours after protesters tried to take over the vacant Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center several blocks away.

The suit seeks unspecified damages and an order sealing and destroying arrest records.

POLICE LAST SAW MAN WHOSE REMAINS FOUND IN GARBAGE: PETALUMA  (AP) — A police officer may have been the last person to see a Santa Rosa man alive before his remains were discovered the next day at a garbage disposal site, authorities said.

Luis Gomez-Diaz, 30, told an officer late last Thursday night he was homeless and needed no help as he walked along railroad tracks in east Petaluma.

On Friday afternoon, a garbage truck driver at the North Bay Corp. near Petaluma discovered the man's body as employees separated the trash.

Lyons said officials suspect Gomez-Diaz may have climbed into a recycling bin to stay warm, and either succumbed to the elements or was trapped when a truck picked up the bin.