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Bay Area briefs
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Rare Mercedes fetches $10.7 million at auction

PEBBLE BEACH (AP) — A rare 1936 Mercedes-Benz that was tucked away for decades in a Connecticut barn has sold for $10.7 million at a California auction.

The 540 K Special Roadster was bought Sunday at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The bidder wasn't publicly identified.

The 17-foot-long car is believed to be among only 12 left in the world. It was owned by a New Hampshire businessman.

The price falls short of the record for a car sold at auction. A Ferrari last year fetched $16.4 million.

2-word ballot mistake may endanger $548m tax bid

SAN JOSE  (AP) — A two-word mistake could threaten a half-billion dollar tax measure in the San Francisco Bay area.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is seeking voter approval in November for a $548 million tax increase.

The district submitted a 77-word summary for the ballot to election officials this month. But the word limit is 75 words.

When it learned about the error, the district held a board meeting to approve a new, shorter version.

But the meeting wasn't publicized far enough in advance to meet requirements of California's open meeting law.

The Silicon Valley Taxpayers' Association is now threatening to sue unless the district pulls the measure off the ballot.

Man sentenced for 1983 bookstore murder

SANTA ROSA  (AP) — A man who confessed to the decades-old slaying of an employee at a Santa Rosa adult bookstore will spend 25-years-to-life behind bars.

The 56-year-old Frederick Hertrich, who came forward last year to confess, was sentenced Monday in Sonoma County Superior Court.

Prosecutors say Hertrich strangled 38-year-old Larry Gill on May 14, 1984 at the adult bookstore. Hertrich had been fired, and robbed the store for several hundred dollars-worth of quarters before using a wire to kill Gill.

Hertrich was convicted of first-degree murder after coming forward last year in what detectives called an "attack of conscience."

Former Genentech worker sues over harassment

REDWOOD CITY, (AP) — A Muslim woman is suing biotech company Genentech, alleging the firm pushed her out following complaints she made about a co-worker's harassment related to her religion and national origin.

The San Mateo Daily Journal reports that Nadia Noorzai filed the lawsuit Thursday seeking $4.1 million in actual and punitive damages.

Noorzai's suit claims a fellow employee belittled her in front of others, asking if her relatives from Afghanistan were members of the Taliban or if Noorzai was on the no-fly list.

Noorzai said she complained to management and human resources, and was told to "chill out and have a vodka." She claims she was made to take unpaid medical leave to deal with the stress.