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Bay Area news briefs
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Suspect killed during San Ramon robbery attempt

SAN RAMON  (AP) — San Ramon police say a man was fatally shot while trying to rob a jewelry shop with three other men who fled the scene.

Officials say the shooting happened at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday after four men entered the Gold N Treasures store in San Ramon.

Authorities say the men confronted the owner and an employee, one of whom pulled out a gun and shot one of the suspects. The unidentified man collapsed and died at a hospital Wednesday night.

Officials say the other three suspects ran out of the shop and drove away in a white sedan. They remained at large Thursday.

Enraged cabbie attacks fare with tire iron

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police say an enraged San Francisco cabbie has attacked a rider with a tire iron after a fare dispute.

The 25-year-old victim was taken to a hospital early Wednesday for treatment of an eye injury and cut to the face.

The cabbie was driving the man to the Polk Gulch neighborhood when they got into an argument.

The passenger was initially angry that the driver was talking on his cellphone. It then turned into a dispute over the fare.

Police say the cabbie got out of the taxi when they arrived at the destination and he struck the passenger in the face with a tire iron before driving away.

The cabbie has eluded capture.

Four guilty of executing man to prevent testimony

SAN RAFAEL  (AP) — A Marin County jury has convicted four men of executing a store owner to silence him in a robbery case in which he was the victim.

Tong Van Le was shot dead in September 2008 outside his Novato home while his wife and children slept inside.

The defendants — 22-year-old Larry Blay Jr., 20-year-old Deandre Blay, 20-year-old Kevin Abram and 20-year-old C. Autis Johnson III — were found guilty of murder and conspiracy Wednesday. They face life sentences.

Johnson's mother, Anchulita Uribe, was convicted of being an accessory after the fact.

Authorities say Le identified Larry Blay Jr. as an assailant in the hold-up of his liquor store. Prosecutors say Blay Jr. ordered Le's execution from jail. He was later cleared of the robbery.

Video shows SF sheriff's wife detailing dispute

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The city attorney's office released an emotional video Thursday showing the actress-wife of suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi tearfully recounting a confrontation between the couple on New Year's Eve.

Obtained through a public records request, the 45-second clip features Eliana Lopez candidly discussing the dispute that remains a highly charged subject of debate in courtrooms and inside City Hall as Mirkarimi fights an ethics case against him.

In the video shot by a neighbor, Lopez says Mirkarimi mistreated her on two separate occasions last year and told her that he was a "very powerful" man who could take away their toddler son Theo.

Lopez also points to a purplish bruise on her right bicep where she says Mirkarimi grabbed her during the altercation.