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Disgraced former Vernon official wants full;$500,000 a year pension wants pension restored
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VERNON (AP) — A disgraced former municipal official who once claimed California's largest public pension isn't giving it up without a fight.

Bruce Malkenhorst is a former administrator of the tiny city of Vernon near Los Angeles. After he retired in 2005 he received an annual pension of about $500,000.

Malkenhorst later pleaded guilty to misappropriating public funds and the state cut his pension to $115,000.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that the 78-year-old Malkenhorst is suing Vernon to make up the difference.

His lawyers say the city is responsible for keeping his retirement benefits at the higher level, even if the state balks.

Malkenhorst earlier filed two lawsuits to prevent his state pension from being reduced. He lost both, but is appealing.

MAN SENTENCED FOR KILLING WOMAN FOR LAPTOP: LONG BEACH  (AP) — A Southern California man has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his role in the 2009 murder of woman to steal a laptop loaded with stolen credit data.

Thirty-nine year old Daniel Keith Martinez was found guilty in February of murder and robbery in the shooting of Ginie Samayoa.

He was sentenced Monday by Superior Court Judge Mark Kim.

Prosecutors say the 27-year-old woman was using the computer to commit identity theft and Martinez and two accomplices wanted stolen credit account numbers stored on it.

Samayoa's body was found inside her Toyota in an alley in Los Angeles' San Pedro neighborhood with a gunshot to the head.

Two others were earlier sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

MOTHER FACES ABUSE CHARGES: SANTA ANA  (AP) — An Orange County mother is facing abuse charges after she's accused of chaining her 10-year-old son's ankles in an attempt to prevent him from getting out of the house and into trouble.

Prosecutors on Monday charged 37-year-old Irma Navarro with one felony and one misdemeanor count each of child abuse. If convicted, Navarro faces up to 6 ½ years in prison.

Santa Ana police arrested Navarro last week after her son was found with a chain locked around his ankles. Authorities say the chain appeared to be Navarro's attempt to keep him from joining a gang. Police also said Navarro chained the boy because when she went to work he would leave and stay out after dark.

Her three children have been placed in protective custody.

UNKNOWN WHICH FIRE TRUCK KILLED GIRL: SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A San Francisco Fire Department spokeswoman said Monday that the agency is still investigating which rig ran over and killed a 16-year-old Asiana Airlines crash survivor, and infrared equipment wouldn't have had any bearing on the situation.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a two-axle truck believed to have run over Ye Meng Yuan as it moved to get a better position to spray foam on fire was not equipped with infrared imaging technology now required by federal law.

However, fire spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge said officials are still probing which vehicle was responsible for the girl's death after Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed July 6.

"Our investigation is not complete," she said. "I cannot tell you what vehicle was involved."

The first trucks to respond were foam-throwing trucks, but it is unlikely Yuan was killed during that initial response, Talmadge said.

"The 16-year-old girl was under a foam blanket" when she was struck, Talmadge said, "and so I don't believe the incident occurred while crews were first responding."