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DMV worker slept on job for 2,000+ hours
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SACRAMENTO  (AP) — A California DMV worker slept at work daily for years, and an assistant fire chief used state resources to build a Tiki bar behind his home, according to a state auditor’s report released Tuesday.

These are among the cases highlighted in the report that detailed investigations completed in the last year into whistleblower complaints of improper activity by government workers. Investigators substantiated seven complaints and found $200,000 in misused money.

Investigators estimate the Department of Motor Vehicles data operator spent more than 2,000 hours sleeping on the job, costing the state more than $40,000. The worker’s supervisors told auditors the employee had a medical condition that caused her to fall asleep.

The DMV did not discipline the worker or make an appropriate medical accommodation for her, according to the report. She has since been told to correct her behavior or face discipline.

The Cal Fire assistant chief had state workers under his command build an unauthorized structure on state property with plumbing and electrical connections while they were on duty. He decorated the 16-by-20 foot structure as a Tiki bar where he served alcohol to his guests, according to the report.

Although he purchased the materials himself, he did not obtain permission from Cal Fire or the Fire Marshall to build the bar behind the house he rented from the state. His actions broke both state law and his rental agreement, according to the audit report. He was suspended for 30 days without pay.