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New regulations proposed for restaurant playgrounds, reporting stolen guns, table saws
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SACRAMENTO (AP) — Fast-food restaurants in California could face new sanitation and safety requirements for the playgrounds they install to attract children.

Under the bill, sponsored by Democrat Michael Allen of Santa Rosa, restaurants would be required to post signs informing customers that food is not allowed on play structures and to provide adults who ask copies of their playground inspection and cleaning plans.

Allen says the bill was promoted by research showing that restaurant playgrounds can be breeding grounds for illness-causing bacteria and are not always well-maintained.

Bill would mandate

quick reporting of stolen guns

Gun owners would have to report stolen or missing firearms to authorities within 48 hours of discovering them missing under a bill approved by the state Senate.

The bill by Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, a Democrat from Concord, is backed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the California Police Chiefs Association.

Republican lawmakers say the bill is unrealistic for gun owners who keep firearms in remote hunting cabins or blinds, or who are preoccupied after being burglarized.

Bill would require

auto shut-off in table saws

Lawmakers are hoping to reduce injuries caused by table saws by requiring new saws sold in California to be equipped with safety features that shut off the tools when they come into contact with the skin.

The Assembly on Monday passed a bill that would require so-called "active injury mitigation technology" on table saws starting in 2015.

The measure's sponsor, Santa Barbara Democrat Das Williams, said manufacturers already know how to make the automatic shut-off features but do not routinely offer them.

Assemblyman Bill Berryhill, a Republican from Ceres, encouraged his colleagues to support the bill. He joked that politicians who ended up on the wrong end of an unsafe saw could be prevented from giving a thumbs-up or victory sign.