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DISTRICT DROPS PROGRAM THAT CUT AC DURING HEAT: LAKE FOREST (AP) — A week after air-conditioning was cut off to some campuses during a heat wave, an Orange County school district is dropping out of an energy-savings program run by Southern California Edison.

The discount plan allows the company to turn off cooling systems when there is high demand.

The program backfired as temperatures reached triple digits and students were left sweltering inside classrooms at some Saddleback Valley Unified schools.

Some parents worried about their children’s safety and complained that they shouldn’t have been forced to endure the heat.

School officials say in the last four years the program has saved the district some $1.2 million.


WOMAN DIES AFTER REMOVING CLOTHES AT MARKET: SANTA ANA (AP) — Authorities say a woman has died after she was detained while taking off her clothes at an Orange County market.

Santa Ana police say the woman, believed to be in her 40s, began acting erratically Wednesday morning at El Toro Carniceria and began taking off her clothing.

Store security detained the woman and took her to the back of the store where she began having physical problems.

Police say paramedics were called but the woman died at the scene.


TEACHER WHO TALKED OF KILLER ROBOTS RESIGNE: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego County teacher resigned after being investigated for talking in class about programming robots to shoot and kill students.

Tuyet-Mai Thi Vo was allowed to resign last year and receive a $92,000 settlement instead of being fired.

Oceanside Unified School District officials investigated complaints that Vo said in 2012 that if robots were teachers, she would program them to shoot students when they misbehaved. The district report says the 48-year-old told her class she would program robots to kill all of the students.

The teacher maintains the allegations are untrue, and she has a positive recommendation letter from then-Superintendent Larry Perondi to vouch for her ongoing fitness for the classroom.

Officials say the prospect of a lengthy and costly state process to terminate the teacher contributed to the settlement.