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Violent sex offender is registered in SJ County
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The Megan’s Law Website lists recently released sexual predator Dewayne Michael Smith as a resident of San Joaquin County – not San Francisco, where he was said to be working after a short stop at his parent’s mobile home address in Manteca.

The 50-year-old Smith is listed on the website as a violent sexual offender.  As a transient, rather than having an actual address – per the website – he is reportedly required to re-register every 10 days with a local police agency.

Smith was released from the Atascadero State Mental Hospital after being kept there for some 22 years after his convictions in two child molestation cases involving sodomy and oral copulation with boys 8 and 13 years old back in the 1980s – one in Los Angeles and the other in Manteca.

Smith had been transferred from the state hospital in San Luis Obispo County eight weeks ago to Stockton where he underwent a three-week competency trial where a jury cleared him to be turned back out into society.   

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Grant Brooks reportedly opposed Smith’s release saying things don’t change with his sexual preference. 

Smith’s release came as a surprise to his own attorney who was quoted as saying that the system is not prepared to control individuals such as Dewayne Smith.