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Golf course has paid way to greater degree than other city recreation pursuit
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I am a firm believer that verifiable facts are the components to getting to the real bottom line of any situation. When rumors, innuendo, and spin are entered into the equation, the water becomes muddied and the true bottom line of anything being analyzed can be difficult to discover. Throw some politics into the mix and you can end up with a lot of confusion. Why some individuals prefer to muddy the water can be a mystery, and I’m sure their reasons are varied and many.

As the person who is solely responsible for operating and promoting our golf course, I feel it is my obligation to continue to bring verifiable facts to the attention of anyone who is interested. Over the past 33 years that I have been in charge, there have been countless number of issues which have come to the forefront which, due to muddied waters, have cast an unjustified dark cloud over this valuable city asset. Unfortunately, I can’t write about all of them as it would fill this entire newspaper. So I will bring forward some verifiable facts about our most recent issue.

It is a verifiable fact that the Manteca Park Golf Course Operation has always generated more than enough revenue from the users of the facility (through the charging of greens fees) to pay for all “operating and maintenance” costs every year since its inception in 1966 and, in addition, pay the majority of costs for building the facility.

It is a verifiable fact that every recreational facility in this city, including Big League Dreams, Northgate Park, Woodward Park, and many more, were not built with any user fees whatsoever. They were built with funds from many different places such as Redevelopment Loans (which are paid back through future tax revenues), Bonus Bucks (which are fees collected from developers), and even some General Fund money to name a few.

Also, as a matter of fact, just about all facilities built for Enterprise Operations (such as the refuse operation, the water and sewer operations, etc) of which the golf course is one, were not built with any user fees, but were built with revenues from other sources.

If these facilities were expected to generate enough revenue from user fees as is the golf course, to not only pay operation and maintenance costs but also construction costs, they would be considered huge financial failures and make the golf operation look like the best thing since sliced bread.

Now if the golf course facility construction were funded in the same fashion as these facilities, it would be hailed the biggest success story in the history of our city due to the positive cash flow it would have generated. Instead, the golf course facility, which has paid for not only 100% of all operation and maintenance costs since day one along with paying some 90% of the costs of building the facility from the proceeds of user fees, is criticized by those who choose to muddy the water, as being a big loser.

It is a verifiable fact, that when taking into consideration how all recreational and enterprise operation construction was funded, the Golf Course Operation has paid its way to a greater degree. And when taking into account, as is the case with some other city recreational facilities, additional tax revenues received by the city solely due to its existence, the golf course has more than paid for itself.

For those who choose to look at verifiable facts, the muddied water becomes very clear.