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Is it healthy for us to have Uncle Sam as family Doc?
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The folks who are hell-bent on pursuing what would be a national takeover of your healthcare are now turning their guns on insurance companies.

They are wailing about the billions the firms have invested and how the United States government could put that to better use in the name of better healthcare for everyone.


The reason why our healthcare system works to such a successful degree is the fact insurance companies have developed reserves – much of it through investments that also stimulate the economy such as New York Life Insurance Co.’s purchase of the structure created for Advanced Packaging Systems in Spreckels Park and then leasing it to the firm.

Without those reserves and investments, they couldn’t afford to offer insurance at the current price levels. If you think they are high now, imagine what it would be like if money coming in just covers the current costs plus cost overruns incurred in years when expenses exceeded revenue and nothing else. Think the State of California.

There are a lot of issues with healthcare insurers however they do deserve credit for efforts to cap costs especially in insisting on generic drugs.

Insurance is meant to provide protection against a possible eventuality. It was never meant to cover 100 percent of all medical costs especially those that are routine in nature.

If the government really wants to offer national healthcare of some type, why don’t they cerate free clinics where government doctors – perhaps through the military – provide basic physical, exam exams and dental exams and such? It makes one heck of a lot more sense than the wholesale takeover of the existing system. Of course that means they’d have to recruit more physicians or train them.

Much is made about how the current proposal is being crafted so you will have an option to get your own policy. Unless you are a member of Congress that has taxpayers cover the ultimate Lexus of all health care programs or wealthy you are not going to be able to afford the premiums.

By the time businesses plus the “middle class” are saddled with more taxes the squeeze is going to be so great you won’t be able to afford private insurance. As Californians, we need to remember making $40,000 a year makes us look like fat targets even though for that amount of money you can live high on the hog in a number of other states where the cost of living is substantially lower. If you don’t think California isn’t going to continue to be a donor state when it comes to taxing people for health care and spending a good chunk of it on other states, you need a reality check.

Despite the claimed power of Nancy Pelosi, California continues to have much more money taken from it than it receives in federal dollars compared to almost every other state in the union. Federalize health care will cost Californians more than anyone else and we will receive the least benefits.

Besides, are you sure you want a system where the government can decide things like reproduction through a universal healthcare policy?

While many people point to the possibility of government financed abortion through a health insurance program, what about the issue of paying child birth related expenses?

We already know the government seems to have no problem with artificial insemination for people who can’t afford it so they can have nine kids at one time with a repertoire of health problems that will cost taxpayers for decades.

Nor does it have a problem in making Viagra available to welfare recipients as it mandated Kaiser Health Care to do several years ago when people struggling to put food on the table and needed government handouts were complaining about being denied their rights to essentially enjoy sex.

This is the same government that contends they are going to keep a lid on health care costs.

Of course, they could do that and toss in some social planning at the same time just like China that refuses through its national healthcare system to pay for the medical costs related to birth if a family exceeds one child.

Investing too much power in the government in our day-to-day lives means we ultimately lose more of our freedom to have control over our own destiny. Healthcare is no different.