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Money brings out the worst & best in folks
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Two situations that involved green backs popped up this week: One good and another demonstrating a tad of attempted larceny.

The first occurred at a Manteca hospital when a woman described to be in her mid-50s walked into the gift shop and presented a $100 bill. It couldn’t be broken with the small amount of cash available

The sales clerk suggested she go over to the nearby coffee bar off the lobby where she could possibly get it changed into smaller bills.  Whoops!  That didn’t work either as the man behind the counter questioned the worth of the bill.  Holding it up to the light he saw the latent image imbedded in the ink that resembled a $5 U.S. Federal Reserve Note.

“Lady, where did you get this – it’s fake,” he remembers telling her.  She answered that she had gotten it from her bank and he suggested immediately that she take it back for another one.  With that she grabbed the bill out of his hand and made tracks for the front door.  She left so fast there was no chance to see her direction of travel, let alone a license plate number.

The owner of the coffee bar just shook his head in awe that someone would attempt to break a phony bill at his small business.

Loses $400 at lunch & gets it all back
A Ripon woman who resides in a retirement village cottage was sure she had lost $400 in cash after having lunch in Frank’s Restaurant in the Town Square Shopping Center on Main Street this week.

She said she had gone to lunch with a neighbor who was moving away to Modesto to live with family and had left her purse in the eatery as she and several other women walked out  to their car.  When she noticed she had left her purse behind with the cash inside she went back to the restaurant . Her purse couldn’t be found.

The lady said she just knew she would never see the $400 or her driver’s license or credit cards again.  She went home and called her banks and DMV to report the missing valuables later having to attend a meeting where she turned her cell phone off.

Later when she checked her messages, she found that Frank’s had called – they had located her purse.  A server had put it away for safe keeping and other employees didn’t know it had been located.

She said that she attempted to give the waitress $100 for her honesty, but the woman said she couldn’t accept the money.  The ecstatic woman was determined that she would do something that would thank the restaurant and make a mark for their honesty.  She contacted the Manteca Bulletin where she asked to pay for an advertisement that Frank’s had been running in the paper.

The newspaper sales representative said she couldn’t do that without the owner’s knowledge and consent which caused a mounting level of frustration for the grateful woman who wanted to do something for those who showed the ultimate in honesty and concern.

The ultimate result for her – you’re reading it.  She wanted everyone reading the paper to know the type of people who work and own Frank’s Restaurant in Ripon.  She and her friend will definitely be repeat customers.