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Manteca’s inability to stop barrage of illegal fireworks is unacceptable
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This past Fourth of July was anything but pleasant for my family and pets. The amount of illegal fireworks was too much to bear. It resembled a war zone from my days in Iraq. Where were the police? What is the enforcement? This madness has to stop.  The people setting off these bomb-like fireworks have no consideration for their neighbors.

Why legal fireworks are allowed is beyond me. Fireworks are banned in the Bay Area along with other municipalities in the foothill and mountain regions. The whole state is a fire zone nowadays. If charitable organizations want to raise money there are numerous ways to do so without having to sell fireworks. I’ve worked with many nonprofit groups and we found much more profitable ways to raise funds than by selling fireworks.

Why aren’t public fireworks displays like the one at Big League Dreams or other public venues in the Valley good enough to have a pleasant Fourth of July? Evidently they’re not.

Driving through the streets of Manteca, and seeing the debris left by so called law abiding citizens after the fireworks frenzy, could be mistaken for an undeveloped country. I’m glad I did not invite out of town family and friends for the Fourth of July, what an embarrassment that would have been. Our City officials should be embarrassed as well. Our City Council, Mayor and the City Manager need to take a hard look at what they are enabling to take place at this time of year.

Are the laws being enforced on these illegal fireworks? I think not. What is the fine for possessing illegal fireworks? What about a nice round number like $5,000? If they can’t pay get their wages garnished. That should be a good start, don’t you think?

Common sense is not to be found in this city. It’s a disgrace that the City of Manteca allows this. I’m sure a good many residents like myself have the same opinion.

James Malkson