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Take care of fire victims before illegal immigrants
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Years ago I recall a song called “Only in America.” It was sung by Brooks & Dunn in 2001. But now there’s a song called “Only in California.”

Throughout the past years due to the California state government we have the highest price of gas ($1per gallon over the US average) and the worst poverty level in the US.

We have infrastructure money that has been accumulated over the years but hasn’t been used to fix our infrastructure, and more immigration problems than you can believe.

We have 10,000 or more people in our state without anything due to fires. Do we need to take care of them prior to taking care of immigrants crossing our border illegally?

We have Moonbeam trying to create a legacy costing us $5 million a day on the bullet train to no-where and trying to destroy our ecosystem in the Delta with the Twin Tunnels.

With $5 million a day, he could build some salmon fish hatcheries, buy some airplanes to fight fires, rather than borrowing one, and improve California to be a better place to live.

Hopefully our new governor might turn things around, but it’s going to take a lot on his part not to stay aligned with the existing system at hand.

    Dean Meeuwse