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Working toward that gym look
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 99

Aww, thank goodness. The scale didn’t go up after the weekend!  Could be better … if it went down, but I’m not complaining!

This week is going to be so hard for me.  My hubby is going out of town for a week and that means it’s on me to prepare and have good meals every night.  I have been so spoiled with Mike grilling and pretty much doing a lot of the cooking for us.  It will definitely be a challenge.  I think he is enjoying this as much as I am. Grocery shopping yesterday he could not keep his hands off me.  I would say that’s a good sign.

Today at lunch I did a coworker a HUGE favor.  She didn’t really think much of it, I was going to run to Walgreens at lunch and I said “Does anyone need anything?” She responded “Can you pick up a chicken taco salad at Carl’s Jr.”  Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I have been so good.  Haven’t gone through a drive thru, had fast food, or even smelled it till today.  I handled it like a champ.  Raced back and ate my chicken salad that I made for myself.  

Bring on Day 99, Antonio!  Sure enough, I arrived at the gym and was ready for whatever Antonio was going to throw at me.  Of course, it was something new.  A machine that had me using a shoulder muscle I never knew I had.  It killed, but felt good.  Did 40 minutes of new training and then hit the Stairmaster for the final 20 minutes.  FEEL THE BURN!


Day 100

WOW, 100 days.  Seems like it was yesterday we started this.  I can’t believe how fast that has gone.  I have an extra little pep in my step today because the scale continues to drop.  It’s the best feeling.  Seems like it’s actually starting to come off a little more steady now.  I hope I keep it up.

Antonio had me do the dreaded lower half of my body. Lunges, squats, some new ab drills that had me shaking it was so hard.  He continues to encourage me and doesn’t let me say I can’t do it; always tells me “Yes you can, yes you can.”


Day 101

Game day.  Up at 4:30 a.m. and out the door by 4:40.  Since the last two days were training days, then today is cardio.  It’s almost like a little rest day for me now.  I tackle all three: Treadmill, Stairmaster and the elliptical, 20 minutes on each and out the door.  

Since the game was in Tracy, Mike is gone and Mitch and I are getting home after 730 p.m., I opt for the usual “quick meal” and pick up taco truck tacos.  I am good and order two with no tortillas and just have them put it on shredded lettuce.  Perfect amount and it doesn’t seem too bad for me.


Day 102

I warm up and Antonio and I head right for the back room.  I know it’s going to be hard.  Yep, I’m right.

We do planks, planks with moving my feet in then out, in then out….can you say IMPOSSIBLE??? We do crunches and sit-ups and leg lifts and 40 minutes of hell. I always feel so accomplished when I’m done.  I finish off with a 20 minute Stairmaster on level five.  ROUGH DAY.

I come home and fix Mitch and me a good dinner.  Grilled pork chops, salad, green beans, and for Mitch, Rice-A-Roni. Lucky kid. He has no idea how good that is.

For a treat tonight, I allow myself a 20-calorie otter-pop.  


Day 103

Another game day.  I lay in bed actually thinking to myself, “I could work out late tonight after the game. I have nothing going on. I think I will keep sleeping and wait until AFTER the game.” No way. I can’t start that now.  I have over 200 days left and I am not going to start the excuses now.   GET UP, GET GOING!

I literally roll out of bed and drag myself to the gym.  Once I’m there, it’s so much better.  I remind myself that it’s a cardio day and I can just kind of zone out and work hard.  I do just that.   

Once I am home from the gym, I remind myself I am free for at least 24 hours.  I can relax now and enjoy the day and night and not have to stress about getting gym time in.

Friday night is another late night so we once again do the taco truck tacos and salads.  Mitch is happy, I’m happy and it’s easy and quick.  


Day 104

Get up, get to the gym and start my weekend.  I won’t see Antonio again till next Wednesday, so I know I have to do a lot of my own weights and training.  Today I decide to focus on six machines.  I figure since I know them and I feel comfortable on them, that it’s a good choice.   I do four reps of 25 on each machine.  It takes me about 40 minutes to complete all six and then I head over to the Stairmaster and finish with 20 minutes of hills.

I tackle my weekly shopping and of course I run into everyone I know.  Since I had just come from the gym and I looked like you know what … of course I run into everyone.  I stock up on our fruits, veggies, meats, and a few things for Mitch.  He can only eat so much “healthy” food, he reminds me!


Day 105

Up early and out the door before 8 am.  Mitch is going paint-balling in Modesto for the day.  With me driving him out there, it changes my routine for a Sunday.  I tell myself over and over that later today I MUST get to the gym.

I want so bad to skip today and give my body the rest it needs, but I don’t.  I get to the gym at 2:30.  THANK GOODNESS it is completely empty because I am wearing a tank top for the first time.  Not just a tank top but sports tank, so it’s tight and fitted.  I am wearing capris with my tank top and think before I leave the house, “Alright, not too bad, looking good.”  OH MY LORD, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  I arrive to the mirror-covered walls at the gym and I am horrified.  Every ripple, roll and ounce is showing.  I am immediately self-conscious and realize I am not quite ready for the whole “gym look” yet.  Still in the fat lady sizes and need to keep working to get to the cute little gym clothes that the girls wear.  It just makes me work harder. I put in a 90-minute workout of pure heart and determination.  I feel great leaving and remind myself that I have just completed 105 days of nonstop working out and eating right.  I have been faithful, unwavering and dedicated to this journey and I have 260 days left to get to my ultimate goal.