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Giants borrow Marlins' 'lo viste' gesture
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MIAMI (AP) — The San Francisco Giants like the Miami Marlins' celebratory "lo viste" gesture so much they've borrowed it.

The Marlins signal each other with a sideways V over one eye after a big hit. "Lo viste" is Spanish for "Did you see that?"

A grinning Angel Pagan made the gesture toward his dugout after he singled home a run for the Giants in their victory Thursday at Miami to open a four-game series.

"I was just joking with the guys in the dugout," Pagan said. "That's what they do, the Marlins, so I just went like that — 'back at you.'"

Several Giants told the Marlins before the game they planned to borrow the gesture, which the Marlins took as a compliment.

"Those guys are pretty good friends to us," Marlins reliever Edward Mujica said before Friday's game. "They like it."

Houston pitcher Wilton Lopez was angered by "lo viste" when his team faced the Marlins two weeks ago, mocking the gesture after he hit Miami's Hanley Ramirez with a pitch.

The Giants, however, didn't take offense.

"I think it's good. That's something that they have," San Francisco outfielder Gregor Blanco said. "This is a game. You've got to enjoy it. Those Latin guys, they're really enjoying the game. That's what everybody needs to do, have fun. Of course, you've got to have respect, but they're just having fun."

The Marlins say the gesture isn't intended to stir up hard feelings.

"I never do anything to insult the other team," shortstop Jose Reyes said. "I do it to keep my team loose."

"Lo viste" began late last season, when center fielder Emilio Bonifacio and second baseman Omar Infante started doing it. Reyes and Ramirez enthusiastically embraced the gesture in spring training, and its popularity in the clubhouse spread from there.

The players had shirts printed, and on Thursday the organist at Marlins Park wore one given to him by Bonifacio.

Manager Ozzie Guillen would like to see more of "lo viste," noting that his team's hitting has been so-so this season.

"'Lo viste' is overrated," Guillen said. "They only do 'lo viste' when they do good. They have been doing a lot of 'no lo vistes' lately."