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Change in water temp. indicates change of season near
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 The sun finally showed itself the other day, signaling to me that spring is just around the corner.

Although we’re just entering the month of February there are a lot of changes the fish will be going through shortly. They just know when to start making their move shallow; usually it’s earlier than later.

Most anglers, including myself, use the water temperature as our first indicator of change. In bass fishing, 55 degrees is the magic temperature.

Hopefully this spring will be just as good as last spring. I’m sure that we’re not done with all the storms yet, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the water temperature where you’re fishing.

One degree, plus or minus, can be the difference in getting a bite or not.    

Delta Report
Fishing has been really slow on the delta lately.

The water was muddy and cold this past weekend out of Disappointment Slough. Fishing slow is the pattern for many bass fishermen. There have been a lot of reports of one to two fish days from anglers fishing for bass.

The back sides of points along the down current sides are producing for anglers fishing rattle traps in crawfish patterns.

Jig fishermen are focusing on areas where there is wood close to deep drop offs.

Striper fishing has slowed some as anglers are now struggling to find active schools of fish. Once the water temperatures climb back into the 50s, look for the bigger fish to make their migration to the shallows.

New Melones Lake
Trout fishing continues to be great for anglers fishing off the bank. Anglers are catching trout on power bait.

Anglers trolling are finally starting to catch some bigger fish as some of the bigger trout have moved off the bank. Bass fishermen are catching numbers while working soft plastics and jigs down to 50.

The bigger bass are being caught on swimbaits. The bites are far and few, but if you’re out in search of a trophy you just might catch one.  

Lake Amador
Weekly trout plants continue to take place, many trout are being caught while fishing as shallow as 3 feet deep.

Anglers fishing off the bank are doing well while fishing off the bottom with trout bait as well as under a bobber. When fishing off the bottom, make sure that your bait floats in order to keep out of the little grass that still exists.

Lake Camanche
Trout fishing is good, as anglers are catching them on and off the bank.   

North Shore bank anglers are having the best of luck while catching limits of Trout on both Power Bait and Power Eggs. Bass fishing remains steady as anglers are fishing down to 25 feet deep with soft plastics and jigs.

Lake Don Pedro
The trout at Don Pedro continue to provide anglers with steady action. Currently, they can be found from the surface down to 25 feet.

Mexican Gulch, Big Creek arm, Six Bit Gulch and the area around the Flume all seem to be loaded with fish.

Vance’s Slim Willie and crawler/combo or in tandem with an Ex-Cel green back shad is a very good set up for trout in the two pound range.  

Lake Pardee
Lake Pardee has been closed for the past few months and is scheduled to reopen for the season Friday, February 5.

Tip of the Week
Catching several fish from a certain location doesn’t necessarily mean that all the fish in that area have been caught.

Once the fish stop biting and you have tried several different baits and colors, try leaving and coming back later.

Especially on the Delta, certain areas will replenish themselves fairly quickly and you may be surprised at how productive your spot can really be.

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