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Fishing instead of work?
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Earlier this week I had to take a day off of work to visit my dentist. The next day when I returned to work I had several of my coworkers ask me how the fishing was. They were obviously implying that I took the day off to go fishing. 

It didn’t bother me.

I actually thought it was funny and wondered how many of you get the same reaction from your coworkers when you take a day off of work. Over the years, I’ve heard just about every excuse for anglers taking a day off of work to go fishing. One of my favorites was by a friend who said he said he had a vision problem — he couldn’t see himself being at work.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all kinds of similar excuses from coworkers for not going to work. As I drove to work this morning I was passed by a truck towing a bass boat, I wonder what his excuse was for missing work.


Delta Report 

There are a lot of smaller largemouth bass being caught on reaction baits. The best time is an hour before and an hour after the drops from high to low. Flipping is spotty, and the frog bite is fair to good. Schools of smaller striped bass are actively working their way through the system. 

There’s a lot of surface action in the Whites/Disappointment Slough areas. The current water temperature is right around 68 degrees, as it drops even more the bigger fish should be easier to find.  


New Melones Lake

Fishing is tough on the lake but not quite as tough as launching a boat. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended and quiet honestly unless I was fishing out of a small boat I would avoid launching all together. 

Bass fishing has slowed a bit as anglers are still catching smaller fish with small plastics off the bottom. Reaction baits such as rattle traps, spinnerbaits, and Zara Spooks are working as well when there’s a little breeze on the lake or in the early morning hours.

Catfishing is still good for anglers fishing at night with traditional catfish baits.


Lake Camanche

As the water starts to cool trout are being found a little shallower during the day than normal. Anglers are trolling between 30 and 40 feet deep with Excel lures for trout up to 4 pounds. 

Bass fishing continues to be steady with a lot of smaller fish being caught while dragging small plastic worms.  


Lake Don Pedro

Fleming Meadows launch ramp is currently limited to one lane. There are very few anglers fishing for trout and salmon. Traditionally the bite starts to pick up the closer we get to October. But because there are very few people willing to fish the lake there are very few reports coming in. Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing drop shotted worms throughout the lake. The numbers are good but there is very little size to report.  


Lake Amador

Lake Amador is 35 feet from spilling making it one of the few lakes around that is more than half way full. As the water temperatures continue to decline the lake should start receiving heavy trout plants in October. Most anglers are fishing for catfish and crappie around the boat ramp and dam area.


Product Review

If you ask a seasoned bass angler what he or she misses about the lures of the past they are eventually going to mention the use of wood in the construction. 

One of the drawbacks to the older wood baits has been getting them to run strait once out of the box. Lately I was able to get my hands on a product by Bomber called the Bomber Balsa Model B; it’s a shallow running crankbait which is made out of balsa wood. What makes this bait unique is that it’s constructed with Bomber’s exclusive Tru-Trak system, ensuring that every Balsa Model B runs true right out of the package. 

It’s been a while since I’ve fished a balsa made crankbait so I was excited to give it a try. I was immediately impressed with the overall look and feel of the bait. Once tied on and casted the bait ran perfectly strait with a one of a kind wobble. Its square bill effectively made its way through shoreline cover without hanging up and its buoyancy immediately came into use when the bait was paused during the retrieve.

If you’re like me and like to fish through and around heavy cover the Bomber Balsa Model B is great bait to add to your collection.  


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